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  The Cuween Hill Cairn, Firth

The layout of the cairn

Cuween CairnAccess to the interior of the Cuween cairn is by a very low passage approximately 5.5 metres long.

The tomb is a Maeshowe-type tomb, cut into solid bedrock at the top of Cuween Hill.

Four smaller chambers branch off from each wall of the rectangular main chamber, the entrances to which are slightly above the level of the floor.

After crawling through the chamber entrances, the side chambers are also high enough to allow the visitor to stand.

Section Contents
Orkney's Chambered
Building the Cairns
How were they used?
Unstan Ware and Grooved Ware
Were the Cairns Designed for Sound?

Isbister - The Tomb of the Eagles
Cuween Cairn
The Layout of the Cairn
Quoyness, Sanday
Wideford Hill
Unstan Cairn
Crantit Cairn
Midhowe, Rousay
Taversoe Tuick
Blackhammer Cairn
The Dwarfie Stane

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