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The Heart of Neolithic Orkney

Orkney's World Heritage Site - christened the Heart of Neolithic Orkney - covers the area of the West Mainland parish of Stenness surrounding the Ring of Brodgar as well as the village of Skara Brae in the neighbouring parish of Sandwick.

The designation not only includes the area's major sites - monuments such as Maeshowe, the Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness - but also the less well-known sites in the area. The Watch Stone, the massive monolith that stands sentinel by the Brig o' Brodgar is one such inclusion, as is the Barnhouse Stone and the Barnhouse Settlement.

But just as important, in an area that is particularly rich in archaeology, the World Heritage Site designation protects the multitude of unexcavated sites that are dotted across the area.

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