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The Orcadians - the people of Orkney

"What are the characteristics of the Orcadian? We are basically survivors. In spite of having to exist and thrive on an economy based on agriculture in a climate that is far from conducive to it we are still here. Bullied, moulded, perhaps even coaxed into being what we are; we have stood the test of time, bent but not broken. Recognised for the warmth of our welcome, yet understandably wary of incomers; inclined to be a bit of a plodder, patient, dogged, easy to provoke, slow to react, Orcadians are complex characters. The more you try to analyse, the deeper you try to diagnose, the less sure you are of what you have found. An Orcadian is an Orcadian."
David Tinch - "Shoal and Sheaf"

The natives of Orkney are referred to as "Orcadians".

The author J. Gunn summarised the typical native Orcadian perfectly when he wrote in Orkney - The Magnetic North:

"In general terms the visitor will find Orkney folk to be a well grown, well-nourished folk, deliberate but purposeful in their movements, kindly and good humoured, willing to meet half way, though somewhat shy and reserved, and glad to accept as a friend one who shows his appreciation of the glamour of the islands, for the natives are strongly patriotic in this respect. Their language is English, but in the pronunciation of this English every district differs from every other. Many of the words still in the Orkney vernacular are Norse.

The Orkneyman also speaks deliberately, and is not given to overmuch speaking of any kind. He seems to believe the saying that 'a man can't learn much by hearing himself talk' "