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Travelling to Orkney

T ravel to and from Orkney remains, to this day, at the mercy of the weather. This is a point the would-be traveller should bear in mind at all times.

Prior to the recent introduction of an instrument landing system, it was not uncommon for air transport grounded, for days at a time, by fog. Ferry travel can still be halted because of storm force winds and sea conditions. Visitors coming to Orkney in the summer months generally miss the worst extremes of Orkney's weather but again, this is not guaranteed.

The main sea route into the islands is a two hour ferry trip from the port of Scrabster on the Scottish mainland to Stromness in Orkney's West Mainland. Other ferries travel from Aberdeen, John o' Groats and Gills Bay, giving the visitor a good choice of departure points.

Flights to and from Orkney operate daily but these tend to be extremely expensive - often a flight to Orkney from mainland Scotland costs more than a flight to the USA - a fact that discourages many travellers.

Transport - travelling to, and in, Orkney
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John o' Groats Ferries - passenger ferry service from John O' Groats. runs from 1st May to 30th September.
Orkney Ferries - Internal ferry service, operating seven ferries between Orkney Mainland and thirteen of the smaller islands.
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